Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Other work this term - African Safari Game

We have used this game to inspire the children's writing and it continues to link to our habitats topic.

The photo's show displays of safari and rainforest work, including art.

The children have written diaries and recounts about being a photographer on the African plains, and a persuasive leaflet. This work led nicely into our rainforest part of the topic, also being taught alongside.

Following the safari recount the children wrote another as a photographer in the Amazon rainforest, using Andes to Amazon DVD for inspiration (there is not game unfortunately). The focus on the writing was still description, but also paragraphing and time connectives in all pieces of writing.

The transition from the African Safari writing to the rainforest was seemless; the children were using what they had learned (technically and content wise) to write this new piece of work.


  1. It's really good that the children were able to make the transition from the Wii experience into rainforest writing, and transfer those skills too.


  2. Fantastic examples of how using games to inspire learning translates into quality writing across the curriculum. Your project looks as if it is a huge success - well done Suffolk teachers and children!!
    I must also thank you for including a link to my blog. Games based learning and teaching has certainly enhanced my own teaching practice and engaged the children I teach. I will continue to blog about the games I use and their impact on learning. I also look forward to popping back to see the great work you all are doing too.