Monday, 24 February 2014

Using the wii in Reception- photos to follow!

Using the Wii in Reception

Reception class have been using the wii during the first half of Spring term.  We have been doing a lot of work on direction and combined use of the BeeBots in class, the Bee Bot programme in computer lessons and the Mario Kart game on the wii to reinforce understanding of this.

Some of the children found using the Bee Bots quite tricky as they did not always understand that the Bee Bot needed to be facing the direction it was going in; they were egocentric in their thinking and could not tackle the task from the point of view of the Bee Bot.  By using the Mario Kart game their view was always the direction of travel (even if it was towards a wall!!). 

Initially I introduced the Wii to the children during freeflow activities so they could gain some experience in directing their Kart.  This also allowed for the initial excitement and fascination to be overcome.  The communication and discussion generated between the children as they played alongside each other was enhanced with the different settings, characters and Kart designs.

Following an assortment of speaking and listening activities and the ICT activities that we have been doing, the children are now able to give some commentary on the events of the race that they take part in; with much enthusiasm and laughter. 
New vocabulary that has been introduced and reinforced by using the Wii:
          Straight ahead                         through
          Forwards                                  over
          Backwards                                overtake
          Left                                         crash! /bash/smash
          Right                                        next to
          Reverse                                    under
          Off track

The children’s understanding of ordinal numbers has also been reinforced by talking about positions that they have finished each race in.

By using the Wii, all areas of the EYFS curriculum have been enhanced:

PSED – taking in turns when using the Wii and waiting patiently for their turns.  Recall of any experiences from home with family members.

PD – fine and gross motor development when turning the wheel and using the controls.  Good hand eye coordination development; cause and effect.

C&L – communication and interaction skills have been enhanced at different levels; when talking about strategies before, during and after the activities.  By considering what might happen, is happening or has happened, the children have developed their thought processes and communicative language.

L – the children have developed their descriptive language to describe characters, settings, vehicles and what is happening.

M – understanding of position, direction and ordinal numbers has been reinforced through practical activities that the children could relate to.

UW – Most of the children were able to develop their skills when using the equipment and became more independent with setting up each game during the process.

EA&D – The children were confident when identifying colours, characters and designs etc. that they wanted to use during their game.


  1. This is really good stuff - I'm so glad it was beneficial in FS as well as higher up the school. I look forward to seeing the photos :-)

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